NovaLash® Eyelash Extensions

Novalash® Eyelash Extensions

Long, full and natural-looking eyelashes can be yours!

Dr. Julie Sofer’s Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers NovaLash®, an exclusive eyelash extension product that was developed in 2004 by a biologist and cosmetic chemist. Dr. Julie Sofer’s certified NovaLash® Professional Eyelash Extensionist meticulously applies each lash. The lashes are bonded with medical grade adhesives.

Your lashes are applied lash by lash… weightless, beautiful, and truly transformative!

Full Set $200

Eyelash extensions are meticulously applied lash by lash, bonded with medical grade adhesives.

Extended Fill $90

This option should be chosen for a fill after more than 5 weeks.

Classic Fill $70

Fills should be scheduled every 2 to 3 weeks for optimal results.

New Client Fill $100

This should be chosen for clients coming from a previous stylist, initial fill.

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