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Tummy Tuck Surgery

A firm, flat stomach is on nearly everyone’s wish list throughout Michigan. Whether you’re wearing your favorite sweater or bathing suit while boating on one of the great lakes, you want a slim, toned midsection. Even with proper nutrition and regular exercise, many men and women struggle with excess abdominal skin and fat. Age, heredity, pregnancy, prior surgeries or weight loss, can weaken or pull apart skin and abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, may be the ideal solution to remove stretch marks, excess skin and fat from your stomach and tighten the abdominal muscles. Patients love how they look and feel after having tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Julie Sofer.

What to expect from your tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss procedure or a substitute for exercise or a healthy diet, but we at Dr. Julie Sofer Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Flint realize that a flat, well-toned abdomen is something we cannot always achieve on our own.

A tummy tuck is recommended for patients in good physical condition that are close to their ideal body weight. If you are obese, this procedure can also benefit you, however you will be advised to lose weight prior to surgery. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, we encourage you to reach your goal before your tummy tuck, because abdominal skin significantly loosens after weight loss and then you will see the best results.

Stretch marks and sagging skin that result from pregnancy are dramatically reduced or removed from a tummy tuck procedure. However, this all comes back if you get pregnant again. If you are planning to get pregnant, you should postpone abdominoplasty until you are done having children.

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Sofer to examine your abdominal muscles, excess fat and sagging skin, as well as discuss your specific body contouring goals. By doing this, Dr. Sofer is able to create a customized solution to achieve your best tummy tuck results, providing compassionate care, a female touch and a skillful hand. Together you’ll restore both your appearance and self-confidence.

A tummy tuck is commonly performed with liposuction to help define your waist and give you a slimmer silhouette. Dr. Sofer often adds breast enhancement procedures with abdominoplasty to complete your look. This popular option is sometimes referred to as a “Mommy Make-over” which includes: tummy tuck, breast augmentation with or without a breast lift and minor liposuction to create the best body contouring solution for you.

What is a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is an outpatient procedure usually performed under general anesthesia and does not typically require a hospital stay. The length of surgery depends on its complexity and if it is combined with other procedures.

There are two types of surgical techniques used for tummy tucks:

Full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Recommended for patients who have sagging skin and fat above as well as below the belly button. An incision is made below the belly button from hip-to-hip (low enough that you can cover with a bikini). Dr. Sofer will then tighten the abdominal muscles for a firmer stomach and slimmer waistline, remove fat and stretch the loose skin over everything. The belly button is then moved into an appropriate position, creating beautiful contours above and below the navel.

Partial-abdominoplasty (mini-tummy tuck)

Recommended for patients who have only a small amount of extra fat and skin hanging below the belly button. A smaller incision is used and the skin is only lifted to the belly button, so the navel does not need to be moved.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Dr. Sofer will let you know what to expect and give you instructions to help speed recovery and reduce complications. Recovery time varies from patient to patient. You will need to wear a compression garment to help control swelling and provide support. We encourage you to be up and about the day of the surgery, but you will walk slightly bent over. Most people can do light activity in about a week or two but should avoid strenuous activity including pushing or heavy lifting for about six weeks.

Why consider a Tummy Tuck with Dr. Sofer?

A tummy tuck can be a life-changing experience. It creates a flatter abdomen and thinner waist that fits the natural contours of your body, and restores your self-confidence. If you are considering an abdominoplasty, please contact our office to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Sofer. Call 248-721-9545 today.

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